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Grow Faster & More Profitably 
With An AI-Powered Operating System For 
Digital Teams.

Most business owners and leaders are the bottleneck for growth as they are constantly involved in everything. 

Sales, management, client issues, team issues, administration and escalations keep them up at night. 

Often it looks like nothing works without them and this hamsterwheel turns faster every year with evolving technology and exponential change.

It's up to you: Will you use and leverage, AI, automation and global talent OR will they eat up your business? 

at the same time, winning clients gets harder every year, marketing gets more complex and costs constantly increase.

How do some businesses grow their revenue AND their profits year after year while others struggle so hard?

...for business owners who want to build a business that grows without them to enjoy business success AND life at the same time.

Do you know these problems?

We help you build a scalable business from sales to delivery so you can lean back and see your business success growing with a high degree of automation and without feeling like you’re dying at your desk with constantly increasing workload.
The result is a business that is so well structured, systemized, delegated and automated that your workdays almost feel like being on vacation.

You can manage it from anywhere in the world with only a few hours per day.

Work gets done with minimum input from you and with a high degree of automation. 

Your employees and freelancers collaborate smoothly and deliver reliable results without you micromanaging.

With the setup and the entire business operating system you get from us, you’ll grow business success, freedom and happiness at the same time.

- Sales will be automated by 85%

- Your team only needs you 1h per day

- Failures get reduced by up to 90%

- You can onboard experts in 2-5 days

- You'll get reliable results even from strangers you've never worked with before.
Finally, this will become the business you always dreamed of.

Friends and family will be wondering why suddenly you have so much time and attention for other things than just seeing you working more and more hours for stagnating results.

Here's the solution for you

This scalable business setup has 5 main building blocks. Don’t worry, you don’t need to implement all at once. We know how to identify your current growth bottleneck, create a step-by-step action plan and take a lot of the heavy lifting from your shoulders so you get fast progress without more work for you.

Scalable "productized" offers: If you are a service provider and you sell your services as a “time for money”-deal or as complex projects, more revenue only means more work and more stress for you. At the same time it gets harder to sell generalist services. With a scalable "productized"  offer you’ll stand out from your competitors, set crystal clear expectations for your clients and your team and you can charge much higher prices (2-10x higher). These offers are directly connected to your AI-delivery system so your team will make your clients happy without depending on you micromanaging. We call these offers “productized offers” (No, you don’t have to sell products. You’ll sell and deliver your services well-defined and highly profitable with a repeatable process and with a high degree of automation). 

Automated sales system: Sales can get tiring and exhausting if you still try to win clients with old-school sales methods, cold calls, networking or hope-based marketing. With an automated sales system, you’ll see new leads and clients coming in every day, they get qualified automatically so you’ll only have to talk to people that want to buy what you offer. With our methodology, your sales system is created with the most systematic, data-driven approach we found on the market using AI and microtests. This method respects your budget as if it was our own. After you’ve implemented your sales system, you’ll not only see your revenues grow. Thanks to your hyper-productive AI-delivery system and your self-managing team you’ll see profits grow month after month without working more and more hours.

AI-delivery system: We clone your knowledge and experience into an Ai-delivery system and a rock-solid quality standard that is easy to follow for your team so they can deliver high-quality results without you being involved. Your team will become hyper-productive and your business hyper profitable without growing workload and stress. And the best part: Knowledge is persistent in digital assets, not just in the brain of people who could quit and leave every day. We call this "knowledge as an asset".

Self-managing leadership system: Based on your AI delivery system and with clearly defined roles for your team, everyone will be more focused and start taking ownership of quality and results without you micromanaging. The meeting structures tools and processes are easy to follow, simple to delegate and together with your AI delivery system your team will only need you 1h per day while you have enough time to focus on growth or just enjoy business success and life.

Scalable team with freelancers: If you are tired of endless staff shortages and constantly growing fixed costs if you only hire fulltime employees, we got you covered. This is stressful, especially in uncertain times. Finding skilled and reliable people is hard and it gets harder every year.
With a scalable team setup of loyal employees and reliable freelancers, you’ll never have to suffer from fear and worry that team members quit tomorrow an you have no replacement. With your AI delivery system you can onboard new people and transfer knowledge in days, not months. This will give you the independence you want from your business and a where even strangers can deliver reliable results.

This is how you scale business success, freedom and happiness for you and your team.

Here's how it works

The solutions above work for business owners that have a digital team for marketing, software development, consulting, training or coaching. If you’re struggling with any of the problems we mentioned above on this page, our solutions can work very successfully for you in the same way as they already worked for over 700 other business owners.

Industries we've worked with: Marketing agencies, software service providers, E-Commerce with a marketing team, SaaS with a marketing or development team, Coaches and consultants, and corporate marketing or software development departments.

In a personal strategy session, we’ll find and unlock your current bottleneck and create a step-by-step action plan for you. If you want, we are happy to show you how you can speed up your implementation to get fast and measurable results. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to book your free strategy session.

For whom does it work?

Not only did we work with over 700 business owners. 
We are business owners ourselves and we’ve started businesses ourselves, scaled them to millions of revenue and sold some. 

We enjoy business success and we have enough time for our friends, families and hobbies. And we want to work with business owners who want to achieve the same.
But this wasn't always the case. Till 2018 we’ve had all the problems you read above on this page. And we had them all at once. 

Our business grew from 0 employees to 43 employees. Unfortunately, our workload, stress, fixed costs and frustration also grew until growth and profits stagnated and we almost experienced a huge crash. 
This crash became our biggest opportunity to change the way we grow our business exactly as described above on this page.

The new setup we finalized in 2019 solved all our problems with one single strategy. We use AI, automation, self-managing teams and global freelancers to finally break free from the boundaries our “old-school business setup”.

If you want to join the drama from 6.6.2018, just watch this TEDx thriller below.

Why do we know all that?

If you are interested in building an AI-powered business that operates and grows without you as the bottleneck for sales and service delivery, we are happy to offer a free strategy session. 

No, this is not a high-pressure sales call. 
Instead, here’s everything that will happen, for your full transparency

1) We analyze your current bottleneck so you know exactly where you should focus on

2) We identify the right step-by-step action plan and customize it to fit your needs

3) We show you the AI tools and the systems and guidelines you can use to speed up your implementation and get fast and measurable results

4) We offer you different support levels for your implementation that fits your needs

5) You’ll get all your questions answered so you can make an informed decision

What are the next steps?

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